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 About Anoushka – “I am an idealist, I believe in the possibility of a beautiful, peace-filled world. I believe that this begins with each of us discovering peace, beauty, fulfillmentand self-empowerment within. We can be the changes we seek and until we claim ownership over our selves and lives, we are simply repeating out-dated programming and holding off on our own success.  “


“Thank you Anoushka for the birth chart analysis! Your detailed written report was very insightful; providing so many truths. I very much appreciate your work!”

Brandon, San Jose, California


My work is about assisting people like yourself on your journey. I help clear emotional blocks and free up energy and consciousness to tap into your personal power, strength and beauty.
This comes in many forms, sometimes I work through tarot,  sometimes astrology and other times through intuitive guidance. Whatever works best for you. Helping others in this way is my biggest love and this way is how I choose to use my gifts. To see my work, watch me on Youtube .



I am a natural empathic intuitive living in Devon, England where I am surrounded by beautiful scenery that both inspires and grounds me.

I use my natural gifts with astrology and tarot to assist you in re-aligning any misplaced or limiting self-beliefs along with stuck emotional currency.  E-motion is energy in motion. The more energy spent holding unconscious emotional blockages, the less energy we have to create our joy and peace. This is something I have much personal experience with and as a result, has grown to be my biggest passion, to help others do the same.

Acceptance, self-love and empowerment are at the core of my approach. My aim is not for you to be reliant upon me, but to empower yourself with my assistance and move to living your potential.

My manner is honest, gentle yet direct. Due to this I would not recommend working with me unless you are  willing to make a commitment to facing that which you may have been avoiding for some time. An inability to do this will invariably result in dissatisfaction on both our parts, which of course I would rather avoid. It’s just as fulfilling for me to see you heal believe me.

In order to be effective in the outer world, we first must take ownership of what exists in our inner world. Without this, we simply clutch at temporary illusions of fulfilment.

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Anoushka   (M.M.A.N.F)

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