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My astrology services range from one off readings to monthly meet up with clients, helping coach them towards their goals. 

“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.”

Lao Tzu


If the service you are seeking is not provided here, please get in touch.

There is a possibility we may be able to tailor a session specifically to your needs. All readings are available via phone, skype, google hangouts or in person.

What is astro-therapy?

Astro-therapy is simply put, the use of astrology to assist in gaining more clarity in your life coupled with a coach,  such as myself, to help you gain a wider and higher perspective. We can cover any topic, love, health, career, life path…..The list goes on. 

The beauty of astrology is that it can allow you to see so many things. Such as where you’ve been and the lessons you were meant to take from the past. Along with where you may be stuck or in need of a different point of view. It’s a journey and an interesting one at that, in which we explore your chart to pinpoint strengths you can use to your advantage. Areas that may need more attention or in which you feel stuck can also be explored.  When it comes to personal insight, astrology can be very powerful. If nothing else you will walk away with a deeper understanding of yourself so that you can make healthier decisions that are right for you. 

How is it done?

This starts with your Natal chart (also known as your Birth chart, see below). A unique blueprint for your souls purpose here on Earth, your chart takes a snapshot of the cosmos at the very moment of your birth. Each Natal chart is unique to each person and the planets within it tell a story of your greatest potential in life. This also serves to alert you to where you may get in your own way. 


An example of a birth chart

Your chart takes into account all of the planets within our Solar System, inclusive of the Sun and Moon, at your time, date and place of birth and their relationship to the Meridian and Horizon of the Earth as well as each other.

As an Astrologer, I use your Natal chart to analyze your abilities, behavioral patterns, gifts, family influences, spiritual needs, life direction, unique psychological makeup, relationship potentials, health and emotional composition. Coupled with empathic guidance, I explore these matters with you, helping strengthen up any weaker points. My experience has been that clients walk away with greater clarity, greater self-love, and self-belief. I find that these 3 things are key to achieving the results we desire in life. 

Through Astrological coaching we can look at:

What are your greatest gifts and strengths?

Why have certain painful experiences occurred in your life?

What would be the most fulfilling career for you?

Why do you attract the people you do?

In what areas do you experience blockages or difficulties and why?

There are endless questions we can answer and explore through astrology as an investigative tool. Your own intuition and wisdom play a big part in this as well. 

So much time and energy can be wasted chasing the wrong relationships, trying to be something we’re not or following empty career paths. Using your Natal chart we are able to cut that time and energy down if it no longer serves you, as we examine your life from a place of care, compassion and sometimes a little humour!

It is my goal to work with you, from a place of insight, understanding and love to give you greater clarity and bring peace, happiness, self-empowerment and passion for life back into your everyday.  I don’t believe astrology to be fatalistic, you always have a choice. I do believe in the common themes and struggles in everyone’s life though and astrology can serve as a great way to understand these. Although we are all unique, we are not all that different either!

What are the benefits of this form of therapy?

In my own personal as well as professional experience the first thing I would say is that therapy that integrates astrology give us the ability to be objective. To detach a little and see a bigger picture. Personally, I find this great, as when we are able to see a bigger picture we feel less hemmed in by circumstances. When you get beyond your immediate fear or worry you are more able to relax, take stock and as a result, make decisions that are guided by your highest wants and needs rather than knee jerk reactions. 

The self-honesty required through Astro-therapy is a kind and humane self-honesty that allows us to  look at ourselves as human beings, always learning and searching for our own self-understanding and peace. We all follow the “Heroe’s Journey” as human beings. This is our quest to overcome our difficulties and feel/be of value in the world. The planets in astrology represent the themes of this journey and yours can be just as heroic should you choose it to be. 

A few benefits are: 

  • Offering a great starting place. As we have your Natal chart to work from we have a very clear picture of you as a multifaceted being. Allowing us to begin with clarity.
  • Pinpointing and revealing aspects about specific areas of your life like love, finances or health. What patterns you may be liable to create. Where you would benefit the most from putting your energies. What blocks or hurdles you may have to overcome in relation to that specific area of life.
  • Clear identification of issues which cuts to the heart of matters. This allows for far quicker growth and healing.
  • Discovering our shadow side and learning to understand and integrate it. Finding out what it protects us from and how it has served us or still does. 
  • A clear indication of where our talents, skills, and abilities lie. What avenues we may use to bring them to the forefront of our lives.
  • Self-acceptance. Through astro-counselling, we can see ourselves objectively, from a place of empathy. With guidance, work on becoming more self-loving and aware of our limitations.

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