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Astrology of 2019

Astrology of 2019

A year to create!

Welcome to a new energetic reality and  a break down of what the Astrology of 2019 holds for us. May I just say, well done for making it through the year of retrogrades, otherwise known as 2018! I believe that most of us deserve a hearty pat on the back after making it through what has been a year of reworking, inner discovery and false starts. 


What goes down must come up

As I mentioned, 2018 was a year of reviewing and re-thinking for many, with so many planets taking their turn to retrograde through our charts. This gave a Universal importance to the need to clear away the inner debris of our psyche’s in order to that we may be better in touch with ourselves. The tendency to always want to move forward and outward is a very modern attitude in some ways. Technology certainly doesn’t aid in reminding us that sometimes, what is most important, is time to reflect and get in touch with the soul.

Venus retrograde asked us to consider what we value. Mars retrograde caused us to look at how we co-operate with others and challenged our sense of direction. Uranus retrograde in Aries sparked our feelings of rebellion and challenged us to release that nervous tension wisely. These are just a few of the retrograde themes we were dealing with this year.

What was it all for?

Well, 2018 really called on us to do handle these issues in order to make room for the astrology of 2019 and the blessings it could bring. Before being able to progress in major ways we were asked, is this really what you value? Is this really who you are? Is this really what/who you love? And the questions continued to such an extent that it left some if us feeling as though we were stumbling around in the dark.

The thing is, that stumbling around in the dark to find our truth, came with many hidden gifts. After all, who wants to put 20 years of work into something only to realise after much investment, this isn’t me, this isn’t what I love. Lessons were around every corner for us, from career to love, from friend to foe. Hopefully, now as we come out of this learning, you have a clearer image of what you want your life to be. As well as who you’re taking along for the ride.

You see….

….Jupiter, the planet of luck, opportunity, and expansion, has now moved into his home of Saggitarius where he will be for nearly the whole of 2019. Saturn, the planet of building long-lasting structures is happy in his home of Capricorn. So both of these very powerful energies will be available for us utilize as we move into 2019. We are being asked to be inspired, to think big and build our dreams. The type that fulfil our higher ambitions for ourselves. And these are dreams that can genuinely become a reality! 

Sagittarius is the Archer, the centaur, with one eye looking to the heavens to see what wish can be aimed at and gained for oneself. But like anything in life, what goes down must come up. So if in 2018 you found yourself at a loss or hitting roadblocks on the path to your dreams, worry not. Think of the arrow that the Archer holds; in order to shoot forward with ferocity and precision, we must pull back the bow. At first, this can feel like two steps back or a lack of progress. But in fact, the retrogrades of 2018 were helping us to take a clearer more authentic and on target aim. Leading us into the awesome astrology of 2019 to 2020.

The Astrology of inspiration

Jupiters move into his home sign will see whichever area of life he touches being magnified in your Astrological chart. Opportunity may abound, growth can present itself and the Midas touch just might be yours. Remember, Jupiter expands what he touches so if something is no longer working for you, that will be expanded too. Look at the house he rules in your chart. There may be something to say goodbye to before he blows the situation larger than life.

That said, he will be making a square (an aspect of tension) to Neptune in the sky. This speaks of blind optimism, inspiration, spirituality, huge dreams and inspired creativity. This can be a time when those interested in such things find themselves going deeper in these subjects and creating beautiful works of art. Or being divinely inspired. The only issue here is that Neptune, that dreamy planet, makes it hard for us to keep our feet on the ground. It’s great to have dreams, but make sure they are grounded.

Use that Saturn in Capricorn energy to strategize, set goals, be realistic and stay on course. Wherever Saturn currently is in your chart, is the area you can build long-lasting success in. This is also the area of life you are being called to master. So pay attention to what is happening there. With such an optimistic year ahead of us it is wise to be aware of unrealistic expectation and foolish risks! Saturn appreciates a step by step, brick by brick approach and cutting corners will only cost you in the long run!

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