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Narcissism; Awakening the Divine Feminine?

Narcissism; Awakening the Divine Feminine?

So here we are on two subjects that are rapidly gaining awareness in our collective consciousness, narcissism and the Divine Feminine. Two subjects that I feel are inextricably linked and are part of our personal as well as collective evolution. A potential growth spurt has been offered to us, an opportunity to balance what has been imbalanced and live centred, whole and reclaimed.

What goes up must come down

Life works in cycles, many know and understand this now. We have been in a cycle for many years of left brain ruler-ship. Logic, analysis, action, outward focus and calculation having been highly valued. The domination of this side of the mind that is associated with the masculine has bought about an extremely single-minded society. One in which many of us were taught to believe we were separate from the world around us and that our environment was to be bought under control. A “thing” used to ascertain our importance, manipulated or fought in order for us to thrive…….. sound anything like narcissistic behaviour?

We have had an inability to see the interwoven links between science, art, and spirituality. That they are all studies of the same whole.  Instead, the emphasis was on separating, isolating and deconstructing the world to a reductionist point of view. It has been me against the world, nature vs nurture. Why can it not be nature and nurture, are they not the same thing? A feeling of “If I do not conquer this it will attempt to conquer me”. The masculine energy is invaluable, however, as many of us now see. Any energy out of balance and taken to extremes creates dis-ease. Especially when that energy has been manipulated out of its own truth and purpose.

Where are we now?

So it would appear that in our disillusionment with our patriarchal society we have set forth, as a whole, a potent desire to experience balance again. To experience harmony, inner and outer. A desire for the Divine Feminine energy to bring us back to unity. No more of this having to fight for what is scarce mentality, no more of this rat race and constant guarding against a perceived outer threat. For it is oh so tiring!

We called forth a desire for life to be easier, happier, more in sync with not only our needs but the needs of all around us. And so it would appear that in our despair, no longer being able to keep up with this exhausting system of belief we have built, we called her in. The Divine Feminine. To balance our souls and our world, as medicine to make it whole again, to make us whole again.

This is where I see narcissism make its play. Many of us were not taught to go within, to love self, to listen to intuition, to have compassion. Do we understand that what I do to you I do to myself, truly? The medicine, the healing we have called into our collective experience is about the Divine Feminine energies of compassion, wisdom, love, receptivity, nurturing, intuition, depth and so much more. It is the opposite of this thing called narcissism. Therefore, by experiencing narcissistic abuse or even a narcissistic society which we can no longer take we are left with only one option.

To incorporate something we have been missing, to look and see where we made a “wrong” turn and course correct. Can narcissism exist in a world in which we all truly love and accept ourselves? Listen to and nurture ourselves?  I personally do not believe it can, because true self love does not harm another and empowers all. It’s presence in our world is a sign, a catalyst, a call to action for us all to do the work. The work to go within, heal and value ourselves out of any unloving situation, be it within ourselves, or with other. We are being shown a mirror of what we have been doing to ourselves and what happens to us as a result of what we allow.

The sense in the non-sense

I, like many, was born into a situation in which narcissism was present. Here we say “Well how can this be as result of what I was doing to myself? I was only a baby!” and here I say, anyone born into any abusive situation or family of any kind instantly has set forth the possibility for themselves to experience the exact opposite of their abuse, total love, total acceptance.

The law of Opposites is at work within the Universe and your deepest sorrow and hurt holds within it the potentiality for experiencing your deepest love and joy. Why? Because without a contrasting experience we can never know what our greatest joy and happiness is. There is no gauge, there is no knowing of white without black, up without down. As more of us are experiencing these extremes more of us are being called forth to self-mastery, to paint our own picture.

When you have known all the shades, all the colours and experienced them with the depths of your being you are instantly handed a gift. The gift of being able to paint with that which you choose, the gift of awareness to create what is wanted through your experience of what was not wanted. But first you must understand this and unwrap the experience to find the gift, the gift which allows you to create the present. For it is meaningless and becomes only a curse if you are unable to see the true meaning behind it. It becomes a something that happened “to you”, a state of powerless victim-hood if it is not seen for what it is…..Something that happened for you, to know more self-love, more empowerment than you would have otherwise known.

The Divine Feminine Returns

So here we incorporate the divine feminine, we go within, we self-nurture, self-love and heal and see the strength and beauty within us. We re-balance our selves and lives by not focusing on the outer or other for our validation. But by being inner, feeling focused (the feminine). Then we bring these two (divine masculine & divine feminine) into balance and are able to operate with both masculine and feminine principles in harmony, blending within us and consciously creating our life experiences.

This unbalanced masculine energy has given rise to unbalanced feminine energy that is not true femininity. Femininity that has been based on subservience, sexual objectification, people pleasing and self-sacrifice. There is no true power or beauty in this, it is a product of the masculine that got out of control. The masculine energy that disregarded its own divinity and ran rife ruling the world, thereby turning the laws of nature inside out and upside down.

Increasingly neither men nor women have been happy with the image of self that is being reflected back to them. Nor their supposed roles in society. I see young men confusing outer appearance of strength for masculinity. Increasingly they appear confused as to what it means to be a man, how to handle their emotions and feel powerful and worthy. This is sad to watch. In the same light I have seen young women sway between insecurity, objectification of self and neuroticism to aggressive rejection of anything that is seen as weak or feminine. All of this in response to their anger of feeling powerless. So you see, no one wins in a society that is inherently out of balance, not even those it apparently “caters to”.

The experience of this “narcissistic society” is the beginning of the cure. The way into balance for us all. It was asked for as a way to health and healing. Take it, use it, balance your masculine; action, clarity, strength, rationality, loyalty, firmness, adventure with your feminine; nurturing, healing, gentle, expressive, wise, flexible, emotional, patient and do this within you, for you. May the experiences you’ve had cause you to be the light in your own life, bless them for they are your teachers and catalysts. May you then be, by example, the light for many who are making the same journey as you.

You were always whole, you only had to remember that you were.


Sat Nam




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