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Personal Year Numerology – Find out what this year holds for you

Personal Year Numerology – Find out what this year holds for you

Numerology has been around for a long time….

And when it comes to gaining insight into the year ahead, your personal year number can clue you up for what to expect. Here I will give you an interpretation of each personal year number, so that you can explore numerology for yourself.

So before you calculate yours, first let’s explore what your personal year number actually is. It is a number calculated using your birth date and the year in question. Seeing as numbers are known to make up the Universe, think the Fibonacci sequence, it is said that each number holds a certain vibration or frequency. Much like the notes on a piano. So an important date, like when we were born, holds its own frequency, which we will express in this lifetime. So when we take this number and mix (essentially add) it to the current year, we are mixing the frequencies to see what results, in effect. 

I will give you a more in-depth look into numerology later down the road, but for now, back to your personal year number.


How to calculate yours


We take month and day of your birth and reduce it to a single number, we also do the same with the year, then add them together.

Let’s use 2019 as an example, so if you were born on 6th May, you would calculate your personal year number as such;

6th May in digits – 6+5 = 11

We then reduce this to a single digit – 1 + 1= 2    So 2 equals your birth number

Then add up the digits of the year you want to know about and reduce that to a single number.

2+0+1+9 = 12

1+2= 3    So 3 equals the year number

Now add both these numbers together until you get a single digit again. So with our example

(your birth number) + 3 (the year number) = 5       So 5 would be your personal year number.

Pretty simple right? Simple, but effective and handy if you want a snapshot into the past year’s themes or future ones. Year numbers run from 1-9. Once we get to 9, a cycle is completing in our lives, making way for fresh starts in the 1 personal number year.

So without further ado, what does your personal year number hold for you? After you’ve done your calculation, click your number below to find out.

number 7 numerology number 8 numerology number 9 numerology


number 1 numerology

Personal Year number 1

The number one year, as the number suggests, is a year of new beginnings. As a 9 year cycle ends, you are likely closing an old chapter in life. Your identity, your ego and potential come into focus. There is great possibility for new beginnings and a new expression of who you are. So this is a year to focus on you and be okay with that and to accept this as a transitional phase.

This is a year where it becomes important for you to develop faith and self-belief.  You are looking to lead, inspire, experiment and branch out in new ways that reflect the transformation inside of you. It would be wise to bring people into your life who reflect this new, more independent and risk-taking you.

You need room for growth and if all this sounds about “Me, me, me”. It’s meant to. Think of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. Aries represents stepping out on your own, being bold and courageous and leading yourself and maybe others, into the great unknown. This is a time to clear out the old and outgrown and be fearless in your new chapter. 

They say that 1 is the loneliest number and in some ways, you may well feel this at times this year. Maintain your belief in yourself and know that the path of the individual requires autonomy. Take a leaf out of the Aries book to see what kinds of characteristics may help you along the path. This is going to be a big personal year for you, so be brave, enjoy and show us all what you’re made of!



number 2 numerology

Personal Year number 2

After the fast pace and rapid growth of the one year, comes the two year. A time in which peace, co-operation, harmony and balance become more important in your life. Where last year the focus was on you and experimenting with your sense of self, hopefully, now you have a clearer idea of what you want. Taking this knowledge with you, you now embark on the 2 year. 

This year will require more patience, planning and a minding of the details as you put grounded and balanced plans into action. Opportunity may present itself through partnerships with others. Even if it doesn’t, your relationships will become a focal point. How to listen, interact fairly and harmonize become an integral part of your inner peace. And understand, this year, it is all about peace!

Now is the time to stop and smell the roses, take a timeout, do yoga and allow tension to leave body and mind. Pushing forward and smashing down anything that stands in your way is not the order of the day. If things seem to be moving slowly, take a deep breathe and know that actually, life is working with you. You are being asked to submit to the flow of the river and create balance and inner tranquillity as you continue your journey.

The number two always reminds me of the sign of Libra. The balancer of the scales, the diplomat. It would be wise to integrate some of these qualities into yourself to express this energy at its best. Nature, supportive connections with others and beauty can really feed the soul this year. So sit back and relax, all is as it should be. Hakuna Matata!



number 3 numerology

Personal Year number 3

The 3 year is a joyful year which highlights self-expression, creativity, social life and more activity in your life in general. After a relatively (hopefully) relaxed 2 year cycle, now, you are coming out of your shell again. This time having learnt the balance between action and allowing.

You will want to experience people, places and things that are fun, stimulating and creative. Communication is highlighted as social events take on more importance, even providing opportunities for progression. There is a certain lightness and happy go lucky attitude that brings positivity and luck to your door. Your aura becomes more open and this, in turn, attracts things to you with little effort. This is a great time to start a creative business or delve into the realms of art, theatre or creative writing.

The only downside of this happy go lucky attitude is the chance you may be frivolous, whether in love or finances. Try not to get carried away! Because of this fresh energy that’s now present in your life it may be wise to take time to meditate and ground yourself. Travel is one great way to find yourself at this time and don’t be shy to try new things. When you think 3, think the energies of Gemini, the flirt and communicator. Leo the big kid and performer and Sagittarius, the adventurer and life of the party.



number 4 numerology

Personal Year number 4

The 4 personal year numerology sees the social butterfly that you were start to get down to serious business. Perhaps you were inspired last year or started a new relationship the year before. Now, you get real about it, whatever “it” is. As a result, there may be encounters with obstacles and roadblocks, but these are only testing the strength of your convictions. The 4 year brings into focus themes of stability, perseverance, commitment and practicality.

Your viewpoint tends to be more realistic and practically minded. The need is for you to deal with reality as it is and in some cases, this can mean confronting certain aspects of yourself. Allow your intuition to guide you and although groundedness is key, work with your emotions. Being in the present is key, so dealing with things as they arise emotionally and practically, will be of use. 

4 has always been associated with structure and construction. This is the year you build, strategize and take the things you care for seriously. There is a feeling of seriousness as a result of some restriction you may feel. But remember, restriction allows for focus and real results. Goals are important this year and the optimism that carried you last year now gets brought forth with purpose to create something lasting. Think of the hardworking Capricorn, who build for the future and you’re on point!



number 5 numerology

Personal Year number 5

After a year of what may have felt like limited options and seriousness, you now hit a new burst of adventure and freedom. The 5 number year calls for you to take more risks, act swiftly and rediscover your freedom. There’s a call for change, action, surprise and unexpected adventure. You will feel the desire to experience the new!

There’s a real sense of urgency that arrives with the 5 year, pushing you to change direction even it means making mistakes. Expect the unexpected and don’t be surprised if things suddenly fall away or land in your lap. You will have to think fast! This is a great time to take up energetic past times to channel that energy constructively and gain focus. 

The 5 year sits smack bang in the middle of the 9 year cycle. As a result, there is a coming together of the old and new you, what stays, what goes? You decide. But this is a turning point. Your vision is broadened and it’s time to set your sights high. You have a tremendous amount of energy and part of this will be experienced in the form of sexuality. You may find yourself discovering yourself anew sexually or using that energy to channel into things you love. 

This is an exciting year or exploration and new experiences. Be honest with yourself about what is right for you. Let go of the old parts of yourself that no longer serve. And most of all, enjoy!



number 6 numerology

Personal Year number 6

When it comes to the number 6, your personal year numerology emphasizes harmony, family, healing, home and duty. Your inner and more private spheres become more important to you.  This is about being at home in the world, feeling secured, loved and loving back. This may require in some ways, taking a back seat, but in reality, you are trying to create harmony for all. 

You may find that at this time your responsibilities to others grow. Be aware of taking on what is not yours, as this is a time when others may come to you for help, counselling and assistance. Remember, you have a responsibility of care over yourself first and foremost. Taking on too much from others could result in bitterness and resentment. Self-sacrifice is often the cause of such things. 

Be aware that judgement, negative thinking and criticism can have a big impact on how you experience this year. Examine your own feelings of not-enoughness or low self-worth. This can be a great time to root out such issues. 6 is about healing and recovery of the mind, body and spirit. This can be a great time for therapy, or simply allowing yourself the comfort and space to heal. Namely, at home. 

Home is where it is at this year. Whatever that means to you. Children, family, security, relationships and homes or home moves come into focus. You want to be responsible and know there are tangible and emotional things you can depend on to feel stable. Home based business are well starred now, so if that’s on your mind, look into it!



number 7 numerology

Personal Year number 7

I’m not going to sugar coat it guys, the 7 life path numerology can be a tough one. But before you throw your hands in the air, understand this. You are embarking on a particularly private and introspective year, full of emotional insight and exploration. The 7 year will ask you to clear out the cobwebs, in your psyche and in your heart.

You’re preparing for a powerful year, the 8 year. In fact, I would say this one of the most powerful. So in order to prepare for this, reflection and deep introspection are needed. You may try and forge ahead and are likely to feel you should be achieving more this year. But don’t be surprised if things move slowly, blow up or simply don’t work. Life is asking you to dive deep. There is a review of the past that is needed in order to understand your present circumstances. As well as a stock-taking of the present in order to know what you want for your future. 

There can be a lost, depressed and even hopeless feeling with the 7 year. This is coming from a profound reality check type energy. What is it YOU want, what is right for YOU? Now you have the chance to get in touch with your deepest needs and desires. You may well find some areas f your life are no, longer supporting your happiness. Use your intuition and your analytic ability to brainstorm what you truly desire for the future. A future in which you feel emotionally, mentally and physically fulfilled. 

This is a time to isolate, to take time to you. Don’t worry if you find yourself less sociable. Now is the time to feel what needs to be felt. Loneliness and emptiness can be themes in the 7 year. These feelings can give you an indication of what needs to be created in your life, in the years ahead. Be brave, drive through the fear and create a plan for the future you want. 8 is around the corner!

number 8 numerology

Personal Year number 8

8 isn’t considered the luckiest number in Japenese culture for no reason! After a year of soul searching and reflection, now you come into a year of personal power. The 8 years themes are that of manifestation, power, achievement and personal fulfilment. You are asked to be clear about what you want and know what is of worth and what is not. 

This is a year to go for it, with the wisdom you’ve accumulated over the years. Your business head will be on, but in a way you enjoy. Limiting habits and conditions simply will not do now. Know what makes you feel content and fulfilled is paramount. Go after it with realism and magic can happen. 

Others may support you and you may align with people just as ambitious and independence-seeking as yourself. You will have strength in your aura this year so don’t be surprised if some oppose you. Know your battles and only get involved in the ones that are worth it. In fact, that’s the deal this year. Know what’s worth it and go for it. 

As financial and material success are likely to be on your mind this year, be willing to work hard. Be willing to compete. However, at the same time, remember to relax and take time out. After all, the number 8 is balanced. So here’s to you, may you have a prosperous year! You deserve it.

number 9 numerology

Personal Year number 9

The number 9 year brings you to a close, an ending in the last 9 year cycle. This is the time to tie up loose ends, finish what is unfinished and review what the last 9 years have done for you. It may take a while to see the benefit in the 9 year but there will be. This time to shed old emotions and burdens. In effect, if you’re feeling weighed down, now is the time to lighten up and leave certain things behind. 


What patterns do you no longer need to continue? How have the past 9 years shaped you? You are about to embark on a new journey of self-expression in your 1 year. So now is the time put the full stop on things that need to be bought to an end. 

Life changing events can happen now. Birth of a child, promotion, retirement, graduation or becoming an authority somehow. This is a big year of culmination and completed cycles, preparing you for your new venture. After all, when one door closes, another opens. 

This is also a year of compassion as well as wisdom. You have the opportunity to redesign aspects of your life that are no longer a reflection of you. Take your experiences and spiritual know how to ready yourself for the next year. Good luck!

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