Professional Astrologer


Tarot and Astrology readings

All my readings are done one-to-one through Skype or Google hangouts or they are pre-recorded and video based, sent to you via dropbox or through private Vimeo or Youtube link.

To book a reading add to your cart the service you require, after payment you will then receive an email from me confirming your booking and requesting any additional information, for birth charts etc. 

Your reading will be delivered within 7 days. All payments are Paypal protected. Please be sure to read the policy information at the bottom of this page before booking. 

Tarot or Astrology

3 Question reading -This is a 20 minute reading answering any questions you may have on life, love, career or health.  Please specify whether you would like a tarot or astrology reading.   £25.00 / $34.50


In depth area of life focus (love, health, finances, destiny, spirituality, career) Available in 30 mins or 1 hour reading. This is an in-depth reading in which I pull a larger spread and go into more detail on your situation.

30 mins – £40.00 

1 hour – £70.00 

Choose your reading


One to one Live Tarot Session – Via Skype or Google hangouts, we will look into any area of life you wish to discuss and find guidance, messages and healing to assist you. These readings last 1 hour – £50.00 



Birth Chart Analysis  An in depth look into you as a unique soul, your gifts, your areas of growth, your individual blueprint that covers health, wealth, love and soul evolution- 1 hour £100.00 


Progressed chart analysis to focus on where you are now and what themes will affect you over the coming year. 1 hour – £120.00 

One to One Coaching

My one to one sessions can provide you not only with astrological and tarot insight but also a live, personal, intuitive reading and coaching. You are sent an email after our session outlining the main topics that come up, key features of your astrology and tools to assist you in the future. I am happy to assist in any area of life and will tailor our sessions specifically to your needs. Please contact me to discuss.


One-to -one sessions are available via Skype, Google Hangouts or in person. I am based in the TQ3 area of Devon, England UK if you are interested in seeing me in person.1  hour –  £50.00



A hand-painted interpretation of your unique birth chart, for more details, click here. Makes a rare gift and each one is as different as its client.




All skype, one-to-one and phone bookings are preceeded by a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment with me. Therefore  there should be no confusion as to your appointment.

  1. For one-to-one, phone and Skype bookings it is important that you are on your own during the session so as not to distract from our interaction. This allows me to read your energy better and us to talk freely without interruption.
  2. For all bookings I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If your appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled please contact me via the contact form and we will re-arrange the appointment or you will  be given a full refund.
  3. If you are outside of the UK please be sure to check the time difference when booking an appointment. My time zone is GMT, if you are unsure of the time difference please check here to find out. Any appointments missed due to time zone errors on your part cannot be refunded.
  4. For Skype and phone bookings you will  lose your allocated appointment time should I try to contact you and your number/email be incorrect. If I have your correct contact details and you do not answer, I will try to call you twice, follow up with an email and if I still get no response then the booking has been lost. I do not offer a refund in either of these cases I’m afraid.
  5. I do not share your information with anyone. Our privacy and your security and safety is paramount. Anything discussed and your personal details will always be kept private.

Disclaimer: By scheduling a appointment with myself you are agreeing and acknowledging that the information I give is not to be taken in place of any medical, legal, financial or otherwise professional counsel. Any actions taken or decisions made by you after your session or reading is the sole responsibility of you and you alone. I am here to provide guidance and ultimately it is your choice what you do that with that and how you choose to interpret it. I take no liability for actions taken as a result of your consultaion with myself.